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Parm Gill was first elected to the House of Commons in 2011, prior to which he was involved in family businesses in the manufacturing and hospitality industry. As a member of Parliament, Parm served on numerous Standing Committees of the House of Commons, including the Standing Committees of Public Safety and National Security, Health, Canadian Heritage, Procedures and House Affairs, Veterans Affairs and International Trade.

In February of 2012 Parm introduced his Private Members Bill, Bill C-394: An Act to Amend the Criminal Code and National Defence Act (Criminal Organization Recruitment). This bill received full support from the Conservative Government. He introduced this bill because the safety and security of our most vulnerable citizens is a priority for Parm. The legislation was introduced with the intent to make our streets, our communities and our neighbourhoods safer by providing our law enforcement and justice officials with additional tools to address the growing concerns of gang recruitment.

In 2013 Parm was appointed by the Prime Minister of Canada as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Veterans Affairs. As a parliamentary secretary, Parm was part of a study by the committee which released a report titled "New Veterans Charter - A Way Forward". The report made fourteen recommendations that called for multiple changes, such as: monthly financial benefit for injured veterans after they turn 65, new support for reservists, and increased support for the families of veterans. The Conservative Government accepted most of these recommendations in the “Economic Action Plan 2015”.

In January 2015, Parm was appointed as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade, as one of the main focus of the Canadian government was to help the Canadian economy by signing Free Trade Agreements with other countries in order to create jobs for Canadians, as well as provide Canadian businesses access to export into other markets.

Parm lives in Milton with his wife Amarpal, his two sons, Raman and Daman, and his daughter Parmeet. He believes in making our communities safer for our children, lowering taxes for our families, keeping government accountable and making our economy one of the strongest and most stable in the world.


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